Nathaniel Russell Zine

Nathaniel Russell Zine "New Songs For Birds To Sing"

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22 page photocopy zine with risograph-printed cover

edition of 75, 11 x 8.5"


At this moment, all of America is struggling to cope with this extraordinary year. For artist Nathaniel Russell, the quarantine and civil unrest has offered an opportunity for self reflection. At once opinionated, earnest, and thought-provoking, Russell’s work employs human notions of honesty, sensitivity and vulnerability. In previous work his clever words and bold graphics often illuminate sad truths of contemporary culture, but beg us all to be better. With so many distressing circumstances in the world, Russell’s work is the much-needed voice of empathy.

"New Songs For Birds To Sing" is a zine made up of a collection of scanned drawings from Nathaniel's solo exhibition of the same title.