Amy Franceschini - VICTORY GARDENS 2007

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The fourth book in the 1 Artist 1 Concept series, Victory Gardens 2007 chronicles Amy Franceschini's inspired reimagining of the original wartime Victory Garden program. The book features essays by Lucy Lippard and Mike Davis along with historical photos and context, and project documentation and insight.

Franceschini's Victory Gardens 2007 was presented as a series of actions, sculptural icons, and ephemera during the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SECA Award show in January of 2007. The project was initially a small pilot program designed to evolve into a larger plan for a city supported food system. The goal was to create a community of food producers through public outreach and education.

In her introduction in the book Franceschini explains, "I worked idealistically with the hope that a practical program would form; one that could be implemented, practiced, and maintained - and it has. This project is both artwork and democracy in action. It is another reminder that grassroots efforts engage and mobilize communities and tune government to create change. This city IS ours!...I hope the information in this book will pay homage to a past, present, and future of food production within cities."

102 pages, hardbound
11.25 x 8.25 inches