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This monograph of Dean Byington's work offers a unique view of the artist’s history, source materials, and working methods. It features an original short story and poem by the acclaimed author and essayist Rick Moody with additional text by Griff Williams.

In his text for the book Griff Williams writes, "The disjointed labyrinthine structures of Byington’s work may be fueled by the legacy of dark scientific experiments or the artifice of Hollywood’s past, but they also share a sympathy with the Wunderkammer, the sixteenth century treasury of all things astonishing and exotic. Precursor to the modern museum, the Wunderkammer celebrated the intersections between science and superstition, the natural and artificial. It housed an astounding array of drawings, illustrations, and objects of curiosity meant to celebrate unexpected connections and elicit exploration of our world. Through the unexpected relationships, new interdependencies, and idiosyncratic climate of his environments, Byington’s juxtapositions invite us into a dynamic and ceaselessly transforming universe."


155 pages
Flexi-bound with vellum jacket
4 double-page vellum inserts