James F. Miles, Is a Boyfriend and a Girlfriend, with Harrell Fletcher

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When Harrell Fletcher was invited to produce the third book of the 1 Artist, 1 Concept book series, he chose to show the work of James Miles.

Fletcher encountered Miles' work in the early 1990s as a volunteer at Creativity Explored (CE). During his time there, Fletcher started a zine that highlighted individual artists called Whipper Snapper Nerd (so named by another CE artist, John Patrick McKenzie). James Miles was the subject of one of the issues (which is reproduced in this book.)

Says Fletcher of Miles' art, "His work stood out from the moment I saw it, and has been compelling to me ever since. James' drawings are both very everyday and incredibly mysterious at the same time. He is operating on another level from anyone else I've ever encountered -- almost as if he is physically in this universe but perceiving several others that are undetectable to other people. The results are poignant, funny, disturbing, and generally stunning."

56 pages, hardbound, 11.25 x 8.25 in.