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Rex Ray produced Fascination in conjunction with the 2002 Gallery 16 group show tribute to David Bowie.

Images and text from Rupert Adley, DL Alvarez, Ben Arnold, Brian C. Bauman, Dodie Bellamy, Norma Cole, Douglas Coupland, Del Ray Cross, Peter Mitchell-Dayton, Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton, Derek Donovan, Geoffrey Dyer, Phoebe Gloeckner, Cliff Hengst, Scott Hewicker, Gary Indiana, Myriam Santos-Kayda, Kelmarsupervixen, Ann Magnuson, Douglas A. Martin, Jason Mecier, Rick Moody, Alvin Orloff, Brian Pera, Rex Ray, Wayne Smith, Brian Kim Stefans, Brandon Stosuy, Michelle Tea, Jim Winters.

Music CD with Bowie covers by Elephone, The Sadnesses, Whoa Nellies, Foibles, The Olive Tree, Love Among Puppets, Matmos, Troll, Tom Recchion, William Fowler Collins, The Gentle Leader, The Helen Lundy Trio.

54 pages, spiral bound, chipboard covers, giant rubber band